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Work of employees

Thank you for your interest and we hope that you will entrust us with your future projects.

The work outlined above are the various professional experiences staff to allow you to take knowledge their skills and abilities.


A. General:

    1. Architect specializes in architecture and general construction. It has , for each specific area of ​​enforcement of a building , in-depth knowledge that allows him to manage, and provide solutions to various fields of construction , as well as manage the various stakeholders and prescribing systems adequate construction.

    2 . He knows where he can intervene to save money without reducing the quality of the work and it is he who will negotiate with contractors , the best quality / price ratio. He will check the quality of each product used and respect standards constructed elements and strict respect for the choices of his client.

    3 . It shall permanently the execution schedule and construction budget will be respected. A well-prepared and well planned project site are for the benefit of all! (decrease further work , faster entry into enjoyment , better profitability for performers ) . He will watch over your object as if it was hers as it is his work !

How much does an architect cost:

    1. In percentage of the cost of the work:

    Based on standards SIA 102 and is updated each year, it is a solution that comes from decades of experience and can find common ground in the interest of the principal and agent . ARCHITECNIK, for a full term of the development for the construction of a new building or renovation will charge you in everything and for everything 8% of total project cost.

    2. In a package:

    It is possible on the basis of the amount calculated according to a method of counting tasks fees, agree on a plan, the overall benefits or not. This method, if everything is pre-defined, has the advantage for the customer to assure a predetermined amount.

    3. Price-time:

    For small items or small changes below 500m ², the solution of paid-time service and costs is often the most accurate, if it is difficult to assess tasks that can not be paid by other calculation methods the amount will be calculated according to the number of hours spent developing various predefined tasks to advance the price of CHf100 / h.

C. Example of calculation of the architect's fees (according to the percentage method, based on the SIA 102 / fictitious case standard)

    Office development of 1000m ²

    The construction budget is estimated at 800,000 chF HT, including architect's fees, engineering and control office.

    ARCHITECNIK will be paid the sum of 64,000 Chf which corresponds to 8% of the total work. The percentage will be lowered according to the aggregate site. This amount represents the entire operation, which will pass your desires, your tastes in the maze of regulations and will make every effort to ensure that the financial resources you devote to this achievement is respected and invested more intelligently possible.

    To simplify the cutting of architectural services, we present them in the following manner:

    Work without VAT(8% en 2014)

    Phase before project

    Needs analysis
    Search parties and developing a flowchart
    Preliminary design - feasibility study
    Estimated cost of work and time
    0.80%env. 6'400 CHF

    Phase of project

    Projet définitif
    Accurate estimate of the cost of construction
    Request permission to build
    Research and development of the book detail
    General quotation
    1.95%env. 15'600 CHF

      Preparatory phase of implementation

    Preliminary execution design
    Final choice of colors and materials
    File tender
    Analysis of bids and proposals for award
    Executive shedules
    1.45%env. 11'600 CHF

    Execution phase

    Contracts with contractors
    Final execution drawings
    architectural management
    Construction management
    3.45%env. 27'600 CHF

    Final phase
    Final countdown
    Record of the finished structure - built drawing
    Branch warranty work - lifting of reservations
    0.35%env. 2'800 CHF

    Total amount of the fee  
    TOTAL H.T 
    8.00%env. 64'000 CHF

    From this proposal, any discussion is permitted to find common ground and realize all or part of the services mentioned.