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Work of employees

Thank you for your interest and we hope that you will entrust us with your future projects.

The work outlined above are the various professional experiences staff to allow you to take knowledge their skills and abilities.

    Located on the area of ​​western Switzerland, we practice every day to show our stability and ability to adapt to new projects and studies.

    Enrolled in a process which cohabiting modernity and tradition, we want to give a contemporary response to the challenges of each project, an Architecture of its time.

    And we discuss all kinds of programs, the Public Private of New to Rehabilitation.

    In the design and implementation of Sustainable Architecture , respectful of human, social and environmental landscape in which it occurs, we apply our experience in search of technical quality of buildings and user comfort.

    Combining the skills of Architects, Planners, Designers, Artists, Landscape, Engineers, Technicians and Experts Real Estate and Architecture ARCHITECNIK ... known now how to answer for most of problems.

    Thus, we make a point of honor to respect our commitments in terms of price, Master Technique of Quality, Environment and within the agreed period.

    More than a job, ARCHITECTURE is our passion because your project is our art work.

    Patrick NGUYEN