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Work of employees

Thank you for your interest and we hope that you will entrust us with your future projects.

The work outlined above are the various professional experiences staff to allow you to take knowledge their skills and abilities.


A. Creation of new buildings or renovation of existing buildings:

    1. Draft - Feasibility study

    2. Final project and application process for permission to build

    3. Execution drawing

    4. Development of specifications for all contractors

    5. Tender documents

    6. Construction management and warranty work (monitoring, surveys, site meeting, invoice verification, counting work)

B. Expertise:

    1. Office building

    2. Apartment building

    3. Shops

    4. Industrial construction

    5. School

    6. Hotel

    7. Private

C. Other fees

    1. Realization of CGI

    2. Completion of tender documents

    3. Expert report after a disaster