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Work of employees

Thank you for your interest and we hope that you will entrust us with your future projects.

The work outlined above are the various professional experiences staff to allow you to take knowledge their skills and abilities.

For privacy reasons of our customers only the address and the surface will be notified, thank you for your understanding.

Realization 2015:
395m² - Rue Pécolat, 1201 Genève 1 - 40 workstations
1195m²- Rue de la Bergère 7-1217 Meyrin - 64 workstations
315m² - Route de Saint-Julien, 7-9 - 1227 Carouge - 21 workstations
3500m²- La voie Creuse 1 - 1202 Genève - 361 workstations